Tapas bars in Nerja – a new app

20 April 2014
A group of  entrepreneurs from Nerja, the increasingly popular holiday resort on the eastern Costa del Sol,  have launched a new mobile phone app that will allow users to access routes and locations for more than one hundred tapas bars and cafes  in Nerja. D’Tapas includes a series of dynamic routes, with recommendations based on users’ votes.
The Android phone app, under the name D’Tapas is a tool to use while walking along the streets of Nerja, but this app, created by three young entrepreneurs ranging in age from 32 to 33 years old, was born with future plans. They intend to expand to reach other tapas’ bars in neighboring towns.
The concept was born while having coffee. Friends Francisco Gómez, Sergio Moreno and José Antelo started this project. The first two have a background in computers and the third, in geography. “Even though we were busy working last summer, we got together to get coffee. We started talking about starting some business together, and we all agreed that people would ask us a lot about places to go get tapas”. This was the beginning of a project that they wanted to transfer to reality. A few days ago, the app was launched.
The app includes more than 100 tapas’ bars in which to enjoy a drink and tapas. Mostly bars, but also includes restaurants and even a few hotels. Each location has an access route, address and additional information. “I’ve worked as a waiter for many years, while studying about computer apps, and I was asked a million times about the best places to have tapas” said Sergio Moreno..
“Even though I am from Nerja, often I didn’t know what places I could go to, or even imagine how many places are there to go get tapas” said Francisco Gómez. Nerja Taxis often recommends bars to clients but we now have a great app to be able to recommended as well.