Nerja’s famous new Tourism Ambassador

Nuría Fergó, the famous local Spanish singer, was named Tourism Ambassador for her birthplace, the town of Nerja (Málaga) last Tuesday. This is an honorary position given by Nerja Council to the town’s citizens that play a significant part in promoting the town’s tourism. Fergó received a diploma naming her Tourism Ambassador for 2013 in a nice ceremony held in the town’s City Hall. She also received the gold “Coat of Arms”, which was given by the town’s Mayor, José Alberto Armijo.
Nuria was excited and thankful for the award and during her speech she said “I have always felt proud to be an ambassador for my birthplace. I am proud and always will be proud to be from Nerja. Being born here is a privilege, and no matter where I go, I’m always pleased to have the chance to talk about Nerja”, added Fergó. She also stated that “everyone knows where I am from, because it comes straight from my heart and I’ve always wanted to let it be known”.
The singer also signed the Town Council’s guest book. She wrote: “all my love to my people of Nerja, I am proud of my birthplace, my town is always in my heart no matter where I go, don’t ever forget it. Thank you for this recognition, yours Nuria Fergó”. Nerja’s town Mayor pointed out the importance of tourism to the town in “difficult times, but luckily, full of hope, if we look at recent data that proves that the tourism industry is recovering all over the nation, as well as here in Nerja”.
In this regard, he asked Fergó as well as the rest of the people who have received the award in previous years “to defend and support Nerja to allow us to be a national and international tourism example and to reach our goals, thanks to your efforts and support”.
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