New promenade in Nerja

The Enviroment Ministry has now awarded the project to draft the El Playazo’s new promenade to the construction company, IberportConsulting S.A., investing a total of 39.905 euros. According to José Alberto Armijo, Nerja’s Mayor, it is likely that the contract will be signed during the month of September, and if so, the company will start working on the project straight away. The company will then have 11 months to complete the promenade.

The Mayor wishes to be present during the contract’s signing and he has contacted the Chief of Coasts, Angel González. He will be accompanied by Nieves Aítencia, Councilwoman in charge of beaches and Bernardo Pozuelo, Councilman for Tourism Development.

The contract’s signing will take place in the headquarters of Malaga’s Coast Demarcation and it will be the opportunity to make an initial contact with the contractor. The city council has offered to act as a “partner” to develop the project, alongside the Ministry.

In addition to the new promenade, the overall size of the beach will be increased to 70.000 square meters, so that “Nerja will have a great promenade and, most importantly, a great beach for the enjoyment of both the town’s people and the visitors”, were the Mayor’s closing words.

Nerja already has a fantastic beach offering, but this will put the icing on the cake, as it were. For those wishing to travel to Nerja from Malaga airport and use the great beaches, Nerja Taxis offer the most reliable transfer service.