200 meters of new footpath

22 November 2013

According to the local councilwoman for beaches, Nieves Atencia, Nerja’s Town Council has approved the first draft to open the first 200 meters of the new Paseo de los Carabineros, “which will create two new lookouts that don’t exist at the moment”.

Nerja Town Council hopes to have approval from the Coastal Authority to draft the final project and transfer its execution from paper to reality, which will require an estimated investment of just over 148.000 euros.

Atencia pointed out that it was necessary to perform a “study of an alternative draft of the promenade, at least for the first two hundred meters, to prove the slopes’ stability and thus, the lack of landslide risks. Landslides were the very reason why the promenade was first closed”.

Moreover, Atencia said that a geotechnical study was included in the first draft prepared by the Infrastructure Area of the Town Council of Nerja. The study analyzes “one of the massifs that was a reason for concern for the Malaga Coastal Authority”.

Many of the local residents and tourists alike have expressed great delight at the possibility of walking along this iconic footpath once again, which overlooks some of Nerja’s most beautiful coves, considered to be soem of the best in teh province of Malaga.