Nerja looks to the future

“Becoming different from such a degraded environment” is one of the objectives of the group Primavera Andaluza, by proposing measures to the Town Council to preserve the area and environment around Nerja.

Their motto reflects their aims: “moving towards a quality environment for a quality tourist”. The group is asking the Department of Environment of the Town Council to set in motion a program that will “boost Nerja as a tourist destination of excellent quality and unique in the province”.

Primavera Andaluza is also asking that the local administration will consider the Environment Strategy for Malaga, recently approved by the Junta de Andalucía, the Statute of Autonomy and the European Environment Convention, which was ratified in 2007. It aims to protect the environment of the area through a system of protection of the cultural and environmental assets.

Therefore by providing their cooperation to the Town Council in order to promote these initiatives, Primavera Andaluza has presented “a moratorium on the non-proliferation of new greenhouses in the town, encouraging the conversion of licenses already granted, and stopping the transfer of new permits for quarrying in the locality. They are also asking for the review of current quarrying permits, banning the deforestation that is destroying the native vegetation and historical value of the landscape. They want to regulate static advertisement’s visual impact and eradicate illegal advertisement of the town’s center and suburbs, and to create a green belt in rural residential areas”.