The Nerja caves promoted

The Cueva de Nerja foundation in Maro, Malaga has organized a series of absolutely free events that include a visit to see the caves, aiming to share the main results from scientific research regarding the natural and cultural patrimony to the public in general and especially tourists who transfer from Nerja to Maro sightseeing .

The Cueva de Nerja Foundation explained today, via a press statement that these activities are included in the Andalusian Science Week, being their specific contribution to the Science Week.

The first event, “Stalactites, Stalagmites and other Speleothems in the Caves of Nerja took place on November 5th and will be held again on November 12th. A guided tour of the cave will take place, to allow visitors to know and discover all the geological formations.

“Participants will get to discover geological formations with curious names, beyond the well known stalactites and stalagmites, such as macaroons, or cavern pearls, and will get to become familiar with their scientific interest, since they allow to study earthquakes that took place thousands of years ago”, said the Foundation representative.

Yesterday, the event “Get to know the underworld: The Nerja Caves took place. It will repeat on the 14th of November. Visitors get to see the most unknown part of the cave and the scientific facilities. This activity aims to showcase aspects of the cave that usually go unnoticed by visitors, allowing them to learn about the numerous formations inside the cave, and the animal species that live in it and their ways to adapt to the underground live as well as the prehistoric paintings on the walls of the cave. Nerja Taxis provide transfers, not only from Malaga airport to Nerja but also to the caves at Maro.