New vehicles for Nerja Police

14 January 2015

The Nerja town council has just added two brand new vehicles to the local police fleet. The two cars, which are identical, have required an investment exceeding 40.000 euros which is quite a substantial amount, although they are throughly equipped.

Both vehicles are equipped with all the requirements mandated by the Junta de Andalucía for this type of car. The vehicles were made available to the local Nerja police immediately and they have been using them well since New Years day. It seems clear that the council are keen to transfer a fleet of aging vehicles into a very modern fleet.

The councilman in charge of the process has stated that these two new vehicles “join the existing fleet, showing the intention of the current government officials to continue working together with the Chief of local police, to replace and update municipal use vehicles”.

“The vehicles are worth slightly over 43.000 euros and were purchased through an open procedure that involved several car dealerships, eventually being awarded to the lowest bidder, which was submitted by Autotalleres La Vega”, added Mr. García. He also added that the initiative to increase local police’s vehicles “was part of the electoral commitment by the Popular Party regarding the need to provide more and better resources to the local police.

On a similar note, although the town council does not purchase the local taxis in Nerja, the fleet is very modern with most vehicles being under 3 years of age.