Train to Nerja?

3 March 2015

The mayor of Nerja will present a motion during the next Local Government Board meeting, requesting the Government of Andalucía to include the Maro-Manilva line in the coastal railway project and that the budget required be enabled to execute this project. According to the information provided by the spokesman of the opposition party the motion will also request of the Ministry of Development to include this project in the study that is being made to implement the Coastal Train route and to include it in the investment plan of the European Union.

The Mayor explained that they want the route to reach “past Marbella and must run between Maro and the Cave and Manilva as we can’t allow the discrimination of the Eastern Coast of the province, including Nerja”.

The motion also states that the province requires this major infrastructure “so that the connections via the airport and the high-speed train line will match a first class tourist destination”” The initiative emphasizes that “it is necessary to combine efforts from all areas to include the Maro-Manilva route in the train’s total route”.