TripAdvisor gives “Certificate of Excellence” To Nerja Caves

24 June 2014

The manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation has announced that TripAdvisor, the popular travel and tourism website has given the Certificate of Excellence 2014 to “Cueva de Nerja”, after having earned over 97% positive comments from the website’s users. TripAdvisor allows travelers and tourists to rate hotels, restaurants, resorts, flights, vacation rentals, airport transfers and so on, based on their own experiences, so that other website visitors can have their opinions as a reference. More specifically, the website receives over 260 million visitors a month and offers over 150 million opinion entries.

President of the Foundation and Deputy of the Government in Malaga Jorge Hernández Mollar shared his enthusiasm about the award and the exceptional comments of the website users that endorse the effort “we have been doing during the last few years to improve the experience of visitors when going to the Caves”. He added that “far from becoming complacent, the award makes us want to work in this same line to improve more and offer better services and above all, to intensify work in the conservation area around the caves”.

Regarding protection of the Caves, Hernández Mollar recalled that in addition to removing the metal bleachers in the Ballet Hall, during the next six years they will be developing a new investigation research project, aimed to obtain Unesco’s Heritage Site Certificate.

“This year we are including guided tours, which will take place with radio-guide systems to improve the quality of the visit. We are making the ticket buying process easier and we are working on new products intended to enhance the visitors’ experience”, he also said. The Caves are just a short taxi ride from Nerja to Maro.