34 film productions in 2013

15 June 2014

Nerja has been the natural stage for five different national and international TV and advertising campaigns in May 2014. The town’s beaches and landscapes were chosen as stage locations where Euromedia Productions chose the Paraje Natural de los Acantilados de Maro to record a Dutch television advert, as reported today in a statement by the town hall of Nerja. The producer knows the town and its possibilities for the audiovisual industry rather well, since last year they took part in the filming of “All Inclusive”, a movie from director and writer Doris Dorrie from Germany, as well as a pilot for a Russian TV series.

This same company has recorded several adverts in Nerja, like the one for Scandinavian Airlines SAS right on the Balcón de Europa, the one for EON, the power company, filmed in several streets in downtown Nerja or the one for textile company C&A at Burriana Beach. Mores shows have been recorded in Nerja during last month. A Japanese TV station recorded a show, Canal Cocina filmed a kitchen show and Canal Sur Televisión filmed an episode for the show “Health Today”. There was also a photo shoot for Massimo Dutti on the beaches of Maro-Cerro Gordo. Swedish television broadcasted the show “Ask the Doctor” this month, which also filmed recently in Nerja.

Nerja hosted a total of 34 different audiovisual productions during 2013, among them films, shows, series and advertisements. It was almost triple the number of shootings that took place during the previous year, nearly a dozen where filmed then. Nerja Taxis have been used extensively as these have taken place.