Taxi drivers keen to transfer to Autogas

21 January 2015

An interesting survey of AutoGas fuel operated vehicles was recently made with taxi driver attendees at the Feria de Madrid (IFEMA).

The survey analyzed the level of satisfaction of those taxi drivers that have used this type of fuel and if they would recommend it to other drivers. More than 90% of taxi drivers felt that the would definitely recommend it.

When asked why, the main reason taxi drivers gave was a saving of up to 45 % compared to other fuels, and with current market conditions this is strong reason alone to transfer from traditional fuels over to AutoGas. Another reason was the fact that Autogas vehicles emit less pollutants thus contributing to improving air quality of our environment.

Given these figures, more and more taxi drivers are interested in transforming their vehicle to Autogas use with almost 70% of respondents replying that they will make the transfer to this highly desirable fuel.

The data provided by these surveys are very representative of how things are moving, not only in the taxi sector, but also in the general transport industry.

There are now more than 400 service stations supplying Autogas LPG in Spain and predictions indicate that by the end of 2015 this will grow to around about 600.

We are hoping that Nerja will be one of those points.