New Slip Road for Malaga Airport

After one year’s wait, the Ministry of Development has hired FCC to complete the work needed to allow the opening of the south access to Malaga’s airport.

This project, will enhance the connection of the new road and the airport with railway planning and and will also improve the connection with the link to Guadalmar. The budget for this project is 5.56 million euros.

According to the Ministry of Development, the access’ opening is just pending minor construction, such as building an overpass over the Fuengirola’s commuter train railway. This project will close the airport’s inside loop, so that vehicles exiting the terminals can use the new A-7 southern access.

There is a five-month deadline for FCC to finish the project, so by the end of 2013 the new access should be ready, after the completion of the additional construction.

This project will be compatible with future infrastructure, such as the project of the rail corridor of the Costa del Sol that will run between Malaga and Fuengirola and the construction that will extend the road between the airport and Campamento Benítez.

Presently, Malaga airport has one access only, through the old n-340 roadway. The new southern access will be crucial to improve the connection to this facility. The new road will provide additional access to reach the airport from the A-7 highway, as a way to address and better serve the airport’s public traffic increase.

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