Disabled Access for Tourists to Frigiliana

As we can all appreciate, those who have disabilities in some way should be able to enjoy a visit to a tourist destination without having complications and they should be able to enjoy all facilities as anyone else can. However, disabled groups often encounter obstacles of all kinds, not only physical but also social and cultural barriers. being aware of this difficult problem and with the goal of becoming the first 100% accessible Andalusian destination, the town of Frigiliana has rolled out an ambitious project to adapt its principle attractions and points of interest to people with disabilities making them accessible to all.

In particular, the accessibility project developed in this small town of Axarquia adapt has allowed the major attractions of this town, which is considered by many to be a gem of Moorish architecture, for blind, deaf, deafblind and any individual with some degree of visual or auditory problem. The project has been carried out by students with high level training of Sign Language Interpretation of Secondary School (IES) La Rosaleda in Malaga.

The first attraction to be adapted is the Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana, located in the Casa del Implement, which has been equipped with audio descriptions for the blind and a sign language video. There are also Braille transcriptions of information panels.Maps have also ben drawn with accessible routes for people with reduced mobility. The old town of Frigiliana is one of the finest architectural structures to remain from the Muslim occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. The route along the winding and narrow cobbled streets has a total of 12 murals of historical episodes narrated as the famous Battle of the Rock of Frigiliana, which took place in 1569, a key event in the Rebellion of the Alpujarras which eventually resulted in the defeat of the Moors.

The Head of the Department of Tourism at the town hall stated that the Mayor of Frigiliana has also put into place a sign-guide of these ceramic panels in sign language for the deaf and with audio description and subtitles for the blind.

Thanks to these adjustments that have been made, the culture and history of Frigiliana can now reach people with disabilities, “which represents a massive jump forward in tourism in the municipality and the image of Frigiliana.

The councils tourism official wanted to stress that the project has had no cost to the people of Frigiliana, which has been made possible with the support of the ONCE Foundation and students from the IES La Rosaleda. The mayor of Tourism has revealed that the first organized visits of groups of people with disabilities for this pioneering project will begin in September 2013.

If you would like to come and see Frigiliana or Nerja and have a disability, you can get in contact with Nerja taxis who can arrange a taxi or minibus transfer for you from Malaga Airport.