Nerja’s aqueduct vandalised

9 December 2013

Nerja’s town council (Málaga) has started disciplinary proceedings against the person who transferred and dumped debris at the Aguila Aqueduct, which is declared as a Monument of Cultural Interest (BIC) that many tourists to Nerja photograph. This act of vandalism was apparently done in order to build an access road to a nearby estate.

Gema García, councilor for Education and Culture has explained in a statement that the possible damages caused to the monument need to be assessed, as debris is piled over the north side of the aqueduct and even, one of the spillways has been covered over.

The councilwoman stated that she became aware of the facts when told by members of the cultural group La Volaera, whom she thanked. At the same time, she has said that she will transfer all of the facts to the Provincial Delegation of Culture of La Junta, since the aqueduct is a Monument of Cultural Interest of Nerja.

She also said that efforts are being made to identify the person who has rented the estate to which the load leads. Sociedad Azucarera Larios (Salsa) is collaborating to help find those implicated.

Local police has traveled to the construction site today to attempt to identify the developer of the building and the company that has undertaken them.