Inauguration of Nerja Art Show

15 December 2103
The Nerja Museum in Plaza de España inaugurated an art show on Wednesday Dec. 14th. This show will be the prelude to the international scientists and researchers’ meeting that will take place later in December.
The art exhibit from artist Rafael Jimenez, called “a, K (After Karst)” consisted of prehistoric objects made with playdough and finger paintings. “They are images in suspension that have been developed during the year 2013 as a small collection, appropriated, reinterpreted, erased and transferred around pre-history” said the author.
Jimenez named his works by using the same type of acronym used to set dates to the years and centuries of the planet’s history and civilization, as a. C and d. C (AD and BC, before and after Christ). The art show will be open until January 10th, from 10 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM and 6:30 PM.
Meanwhile, the manager of the Foundation Cueva de Nerja, Angel Ruiz has described the collection as a “small questioning of our origins through art, that has its genesis in the archaeological photo archives, until it has become a subjective vision of our past.”