Maro beach photo widely published

7 July 2014

A photograph of Maro beach is part of the new campaign launched by the Ministry of Tourism to promote Andalucía, as reported by Bernardo Pozuelo, currently the tourism councilor. The picture has been included in all provincial, regional and national newspapers, some as a full-page advertisement. The photograph includes the slogan for the new campaign “Your Best You”. Videos broadcast on television will also include images of Maro beach. The makers are hoping to transfer the quiet image of Maro to their audience.

The councilman stressed that the natural beauty and light of the town have made it become a permanent film, television and advertising campaigns’ set. During the month of May, five productions of various types were recorded in Nerja and so far during June, three have been confirmed. One has already finished their recording and it will be broadcast in Canal Sur Television on Saturday 14th, as part of the “Destino Andalucía” series.

On Saturday the 14th, MSC shipping company will record a video that will be broadcast on their cruise lines. Also on June 17th another Canal Sur TV program will be recorded in Maro beach that will air as part of the series “Salud Al Día”.