Improvements in Nerja

José Alberto Armijo, Mayor of the town of Nerja and councilmen Antonio Garcia and Jose Miguel Jimena held a meeting with municipal technicians from the Junta de Andalucia’s Management Agency for Farms and and Tragasa, a company under the Ministry of Agriculture to address the issue of the construction of three fords in Rio Seco and the paving of the Camino de Viltor.
There is a budget of 211,711 euros for both these construction projects, and a deadline of three months. Construction will likely begin in the second half of October, after the approval of the Council of Environment and the selection of the staff that will have to be chosen by the Andalusian Employment Office, still pending.
According to José Alberto Armijo, three fords will be built in Rio Seco: one north of the highway, in the area known as Cortijo Victoria, the second near the highway’s service road and the third near Camino de Enmedio. Their purpose is to provide a safe way for pedestrians wishing to cross the riverbed.
Camino de Viltor will be paved 1 km further from where Rio de la Miel’s paved road ends. These actions are included in the Council of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development’s program, Encamina 2. The Council thanked Nerja’s Mayor and hopes that Tragsa will start the projects as intended ‘to the satisfaction of all and especially the population of Nerja and the residents of both rural areas’.
Furthermore, Hernández Mollar has said the service contract for the draft of the coastal path and shoreline recovery of Playazo in Nerja, was awarded in late July to the same company. The amount awarded for the service contract is 36.905 euros and the estimated cost of the project after drafting is 2.500.000 euros. The implementation period of the service contract is 11 months.
The aim of this initiative is to incorporate 70.000 square meters of seafront private land to the maritime-terrestrial public domain. Among the proposals, there is the continuation of the pedestrian-only promenade on the seafront for Playazo beach, the study of non-agreed land with the city council and the relocation of facilities to create new occupation spaces.
Regarding this, Nerja’s town Mayor has assured that from now on the Playazo Beach will live up to its name and will become a great beach in the town of Nerja. Nerja Taxis will continue to provide Malaga airport taxi transfers for those tourists who love to enjoy the great beaches of Nerja.