Health centre desperately needed for Nerja

30 May 2014

The health centre project for Nerja still doesn’t have a deadline, just a decade after details were advanced about an initiative that should put an end to the many issues of the present building. The neighbors complain about the huge queues and lack of space that even “forces us to keep mothers and babies and drug addicted patients in the same aisles.”

Celia Platero, Paquita Bravo and Yolanda Platero are three mothers receiving medical care at the facilities, since their children are seen by the pediatrician there. “At least, during the last month we’ve been able to use the elevator. But the hallways are too narrow even for baby strollers. This building was built back when my mother married, and she’s now retired. “At the words of Daria Balakireva, another patient, Carmen Garcia nodded: “I’m sick of both broken promises and of so much nonsense.” Raquel Arrabal says the health center “was too small even years ago because the queues are huge and even transfer you to outside if you have to do any paperwork.”

Chris Lane, a resident of British origin, said he had to put up with long queues “during his long stay in Argentina.” However, as a volunteer translator at the health center he understands the neighbors’ complaints are fully justified. The affair is hoping to see a resolution soon.