Fog causes plane re-routes and transfers

23 Feb 2014
Fog that settled over the plains of Caulina yesterday caused serious trouble for Jerez’s airport. One arriving flight had to be cancelled, as well as one departing flight. According to sources from Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation), the fog was the reason why the flight from Madrid that should have landed at 8:35 AM at the Jerez-La Parra airport had to be cancelled. Passengers had to be flown to Malaga airport where they received transfers. The cancelled flight had to depart from Jerez to Madrid at 9:05 AM, but this flight had to be cancelled as well. Passengers to Madrid had to wait until a later transfer flight.
Once temperatures started to rise, normalcy returned to the airport. By 11:00 AM, the fog had lifted and normal flight operations started again. The fog caused problems for one of the passengers who was to attend the Foro Iberoamericano de Vino, which is taking place in Jerez. The passenger was able to arrive later. Jesús Zorrilla, manager of the Unit of Wines and Alcohol for the European Comission was scheduled to attend the first work meeting of the aforementioned Foro Iberoamericano de Vino at 10:00 AM. Those present at the meeting found out that the plane had been re-routed due to the foggy conditions and had to land at Malaga airport. Jesús Zorrilla was able to join the meeting around noon, two hours late.