New botanical gardens in Nerja

9 May 2014

The Nerja Caves Foundation has approved a proposal to the Ministry of the Enviroment of the Junta de Andalucía to collaborate in the management of the Botanical Garden Detunda-Cueva de Nerja. The garden will be open to the public during the month of May or early June, given they are currently working on the finishing touches at the present time.

The agency has also agreed to thank the regional administration for accepting the proposed location, as presented by José Alberto Armijo, town’s mayor and vice-president of the cave’s foundation.

Construction is being carried out by a contractor company which includes the construction of an elevated road linking the new foot-bridge over the motorway from Maro to the Caves, to make the influx of visitors easier. This modification of the project was a request of both Nerja council and the Caves Foundation.

The Andalusian Network of Botanical and Mycological Gardens and Natural Areas has eleven working gardens throughput Andalucia, many of which are in Malaga. Their aim is to collect, preserve, transfer and care for the varied native flora of the area’s natural parks. In all the gardens, a working system is in place based in three areas of action: conservation, education to teach conservation and outreach.

Detunda-Cueva de Nerja’s Garden will house nearly 200 species, 42 of which are considered endangered. “These species grow in different areas of the Natural Park and in very different temperature, altitude and humidity conditions, so the Garden will recreate the conditions in which they live, allowing the visitors to enjoy them in a single space”, a spokesperson from the Foundation said.