15 million euro relief for Nerja

20 March 2014

Andalucia’s Superior Court of Justice has ruled for Nerja’s town council meaning that they won’t have to transfer back 15 million euros that were paid by the winning bidder for the purchase of more than one million square meters that were going to become a golf course and other tourism facilities. MedGroup Development SL, headed by US tycoon, George Soros had placed the winning bid.
The court agreed with the Third Court for Administrative Litigation of Malaga, which had dismissed the appeal of MedGroup in August 2011 to void the sale contract and to get back the moneys paid, in addition to damages and fees. The Superior Court not only dismisses the payment of the amount paid, but also ruled against MedGroup to pay court fees. They also made the ruling final, as confirmed by Nerja’s Town’s Mayor, José Alberto Armijo who said that appealing the sentence is not possible.
Mayor Armijo said the ruling was very good news, adding that the ruling gave them total peace of mind from an economic point of view. In fact, the Council had used the monies for several public works during the beginning of the last decade. Armijo stated “The ruling has confirmed that this Council and this government team has acted properly and within the guidelines of the Law”.