Nerja Taxis may increase to seven passengers

31 December 2013

Local Nerja government has approved a motion from José Alberto Armijo, Nerja’s mayor and also from Inocencia Quintero, the Transportation councilwoman, to call the Ministry of Housing and Public Works of the Malaga Junta de Andalucia to authorize an increase in number of passengers that a Nerja Taxi can hold from five at the moment (including the driver), to seven.

The Taxi group of Nerja has backed this municipal government’s motion. Nerja Taxi owners have held meetings in the town hall to ask for the increase in number of passengers spaces. The current regulation allows for five passengers, including the driver, but they allow the possibility of increasing the number to seven in certain towns given certain conditions such as that Nerja’s population triples during summer and there are subdivisions in the area.

The town council has transferred the taxi drivers request to increase the number of passenger seats to the Ministry of Housing and Public Works in Malaga, which is the appropriate channel for this matter. There have been meetings with the regional group, that apparently is drafting an order to regulate and finalize the criteria that will allow the increase of passengers and the procedure to be followed to do so, although the order hasn’t been approved yet and we are not sure if there will be approval.