Nerja with more car park space

Three new parking areas are ready in Nerja. These car-parking facilities have enough space for 200 vehicles. They are located on Avenida del Mediterraneo, Almirante Carranza and El Chaparil.

In order to reduce summer’s traffic issues, three new parking areas authorized by the town of Nerja have been constructed in El Chaparil, Avenida del Mediterraneo and Almirante Carranza.

Antonio García, town’s Counselor for Infrastructure pointed out that in order to get these parking lots ready, the owners of the plots fully cooperated with the town. Landowners gave the go-ahead and the town is already working on getting the areas’ layout and accesses ready.

The parking areas will ease traffic problems in Nerja, especially in el Chaparil, where large traffic jams happen during summer months, added Councilman García.

Nieves Atencio, Councilwoman for Environment announced that hikers who want to visit El Chillar’s surrounding areas will be able to park in the new secure parking lots. The new layout regulates car access to the river and avoids cars parking on the river’s bed.

The parking lot has space for 63 vehicles. It is built on the former cement plant as a solution to former problems with cars parking on the riverbed, not allowed because of habitat conservation issues and because it hindered emergency vehicles’ access to the area.

The new parking area is the second that has been made ready after the opening of the parking lot on Mirto Street, which opened last year. The new car park will under the watch of members of Afadine, Nerja’s Association of Parents, Family and Friends of the Disabled.