The Nerja Beach Path

If you ever went to Nerja last century, that is to say in the eighties or nineties, you may have enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach path that connects Calahonada beach, next to the Balcon de Europa, with the Nerja’s main beach, Burriana. This path is called the Paseo de los Carabineros and was the favorite walkway of many people who visited Nerja, as it passes lots of lovely coves just below the cliff edges, where you could admire the views out to the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Such a peaceful walk with some shelter from the sun and yet the open feel of being connected with nature, even though it’s in the heart of Nerja. No cars passing by and no cyclists almost knocking you of the path!

The problem was that the cliffs at the back of the walkway were eroding and had become dangerous, and accidents had happened. So, way back in the late nineties, the town hall closed the walkway off with the intention of making it safe for the public. Many years have passed since then without any sign of a reopening. But, we now believe that the town hall of Nerja have the intention of opening most of the path again and are currently undertaking a study that should later be approved by the Costa Department. We soon hope to soon see the day when this beloved path reopens!