Maro beaches

15 August 2014

Maro is a small town that comes under the municipal area of Nerja, which is just a few kilometers away. Some feel time has stopped after a brief walk around. It often feels like one of those sleepy Western towns. At least, that’s the case at three in the afternoon during summer when the heat is sticky and the air barely breathable. But that feeling doesn’t last long. All one has to do is to get lost in their wild beaches and their cliffs, where the cooler sea breeze and peace and quiet transport the visitor to a corner of paradise. The entire area surrounding Maro is a natural park with secluded beaches, no promenades, no real estate, no noise, other than passing cars and the sounds of the insects, birds and the murmur of the sea ascending up to the road just like a child that has misbehaved. You would be hard pushed to find a taxi to take you to Nerja here.

Most visitors park their cars on the side of the dirt road and walk down a steep slope to reach Calas del Pino. On a weekday and there are hardly any tourists. Here in Calas del Pino, you can mostly find quite couples and some locals. There are no beach bars or restaurants. There are no sun loungers or whicker parasols being rented, no padelos or any other sign of commercial activity. This beach is wild, tropical and stony but pleasant and idyllic to just relax. The tourists seem to take their meals with them: sandwiches, crisps, fruit and plenty of water. It is well worth searching out beaches like this one, as there are several along this stretch of coastline and you will feel like a discoverer of paradise islands. You can pick up a taxi in Nerja and the driver will take you straight to one of these beaches for just a few euros.