Leaks at Malaga Airport

3 October 2014

Malaga Airport’s roof has began to leak in the new passenger terminal 3, when the heavy rain recently caused problems for many tourists waiting to check in at one of the 86 counters that are located in the T3 building. This new terminal that opened in March 2010 and is part of the largest expansion of the airport. The new 20,000 square meter building connects with the old T2 terminal, known as Terminal Ruiz Picasso. Many tourists were surprised to find out that the newly built terminal presented such deficiencies.

Airport workers had to place buckets to collect the rainwater and prevent puddles from getting bigger. During the entire day, tourists had no choice but to dodge the buckets normally used to collect personal belongings at security checkpoints placed all over. AENA employees confirmed the fact that this is not an isolated incident and that apparently, each time it rains hard, the roof leaks in this way. The same problem also happens in the AENA offices located in the same terminal. The roof was covered yesterday to protect computers and other electronic equipment. This new terminal was built by a joint venture led by Ferrovial with Sando as part of it. The Ministry of Development promoted the expansion of Malaga airport and allocated 191.6 million euros. Barely four years after the King and Queen of Spain were present for the official opening, the building can’t handle rains and projects a negative image of the airport as the great gateway to tourism in Andalucía.